Working at Condair 

Our ambition is to be the employer of choice for our existing and future talents.

Thanks to our Employees, we make a difference in how companies operate and how people live. With our advanced humidity solutions for commercial and residential applications, we improve operational efficiency throughout various industries and support a healthy working and living environment.

At Condair we enable and foster an open and stimulating work environment for our people. We aim to provide our Employees with the tools they need to be successful and to create an environment that supports their physical and mental wellbeing. We seek to empower our Employees to make a positive difference and encourage them to grow and develop themselves.

Our current and future Employees stand out, because they are committed, self-driven, result- and customer-oriented. They think and act comprehensively and accept personal responsibility.


We want to attract people with a modern and great place to work, which is built on trust in the management, authentic day-to-day relationships, good opportunities for growth, fair remuneration and the promotion of health. We are looking for people who share our values and fit into the Condair Group.


It is important for the successful start to introduce, train and integrate new employees into the Condair Group. For that reason local introduction and training programs are available. New employees are supported by local mentors who make sure that they have all information and resources needed to have a successful start.


Our employees shall be successful and grow with our company. This is why we support professional and personal development activities according to their mental capabilities and skills. We discuss the professional and personal development individually and on a regular basis.


Condair provides our employees with competitive remuneration packages. Depending on personal performance, skill-set, professional experience and business situation our employees get fair monetary recognition according to local market level.


    Currently there are phishing e-mails with sender “Condair” in traffic. 

    What is Phishing?

    By using „Phishing“, third parties create fraudulent emails, SMS or webpages in order to get personal details, such as credit card numbers or passwords. People are e.g. emailed about none existent jobs at Condair and asked to participate in online interviews via google hangouts. Most people ignore these emails but some people actually answer and participate in these interviews.

    As the interviews progress the candidate is told they get the job and that is where more confidential information is exchanged. That might include things like bank account and social insurance numbers, etc.

    NOTE: This is not how Condair recruits its staff ! Condair never asks for confidential information on the phone or by e-mail. Never reply to such requests, please!


    What to do in case of receiving a suspicious email?

    In case you receive a suspicious email, please forward it to Condair ( Do not reply to any of these emails and delete them from your mailbox after having informed Condair.